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Inclusive & empowering readings 

My readings are 100% inclusive and confidential. My aim is to bring people clarity and confidence in themselves. I've read for over 2500 people and love what I do.  I've read cards for individuals from all around the world from all walks of live and would love to help you in your journey. 

All readings start with a short intro to the process to help you feel relaxed and in a safe space. I always offer a choice of different decks and the opportunity for you to talk as much or as little as possible. Some people tell me their life story and cry, others sit and smile and nod without a word - there is no right or wrong way so please don't worry that you're doing it wrong!

Legally I need to disclose that readings are for entertainment purposes only and I cannot read for the deceased. Any medical questions should be directed to a trained professional in that field.


30 Minute Session


An exploration of your current situation and guidance on next steps. Choose a question on your love life, career, mental health or a general reading.

All virtual readings can be recorded with consent and will be followed up with a photo of your cards.


Tarot  for Beginners
Starts 8th January 2024


This is a deep dive into the world of tarot that will teach you everything you need to know to start reading tarot for yourself and others with confidence.

During this course you’ll work on forming a deep and meaningful connection to your chosen tarot deck and have fun a long the way with a group of like-minded humans. Forget trying to memorise 78 cards and start really working with the imagery of the tarot in a style that works for you.

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Groups & Events

2hr Minimum, POA

Parties and events of all sizes. 

I've read tarot at intimate parties for four people all the way up to Latitude 2021, where I was their official tarot reader. 

I will tailor my readings to your theme and guests, happy to dress according to your theme and create a new spread just for your gathering!

I LOVE parties. Get in touch to discuss how I can bring some magic to yours!

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